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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mel Cole's Right side of the brain drawing - - - Part 2

This is the second part of my right side brain drawing class. We draw much more complicated steps. Our instructor told us to exercise more on the upside down picture subject to draw. He also let us draw our partners. I drew my husband, my husband drew me. Sweet! Anyhow, here are my progress during that day. I am encouraging my husband to share his drawings in this blog as well. It's really cool to look back in these arts. The techniques are still fresh in my memory.
 The drawings I got above is not my husband. Our instructor gave us a picture to practice negative space, contour and shading. I just shade the lines and shadows I saw in Einstein picture. The picture on the left is the result. I shaded it with picture upside down. It really helped the right brain worked out that way. The left brain can not argue with it.
 After that exercise, our instructor let us try to draw our partners for the first time. Mine is not that good. But at least, it is a person.
 Our instructor gave us technique to draw the one above. One should draw the face of a person from a circle, then an inverted trapezoid around its jaw. The result looks like and egg shape head. This view of my husband face reminds me of his real profile. This is my favorite drawing. Instructor Ed gave me a compliment on this one.
 Before the final step of drawing our partners the second time, I draw this one from a still life subject. There was a table with a drape, skull, candle and candle holder, a piece of wood and an apple. My instructor warned me again not to use my left brain because he noticed that I kept on erasing.
And voila, our final day subject, to draw our partners the second time. This does look like my husband for real. Amazing that I can do such art.


Nora Johnson said...

So interesting!

Thanks too for stopping by & *see* you next time!


Junneth said...

Wow Mel! Good start! Keep improving!

Dhemz said...

wow! to the highest level na jud ang imong talent in...great job!

Ebie said...

Wow! You have the natural skill and art. Love the intricate details of your drawings.

chubskulit said...

Very nice, very active ka takaga sis dyan, pano mo yan nagagawa with George and your job in tow?

Marie K. said...

Thanks Mel for sharing, and congratulations for your artwork.
I do love your artcraft too (the decorated bag just above).
I haven't learnt painting or drawing and I am always interested in explanations, like you did.
Thanks a lot dear.

Jennifer said...

hi mel, wanting to go back to that years in college. It's one of my area of concentration---ARTS!... just dropping by to say how nice of you to start a new hobby! hope to see you sometime in my blog... Happy New Year!

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